Being in a loving relationship is every heart’s desire. No doubt, the feeling of being loved and desired brings with it a sense of belonging. When you decide to be with somebody, it should never be because you feel a void or feel empty within. Because no matter what, no person or thing can fill up that space within you. Being with someone or living with someone should be a conscious choice while you already feel complete within. It should complement your existence. What is the reason you want to attract love in your life?

We as humans are not suffering from our bondage, rather we are suffering our freedom. The reason we try to bind ourselves with somebody is that we cannot handle the freedom of being on our own. As humans, we find it terrifying if we are set free and that is why we want somebody to hold our hand all the time. We are always seeking for someone to lean on. If you want to attract love in your life, it should be for the purpose of adding joy to your already joyful state of being

Yin and Yang

God created us as complete with both forms of existence. Shiv and Shakti are both within us always. Yin is the feminine energy while Yang is masculine energy. Most of the time one of these two energies is either missing or dominant within us and creates an imbalance. This will also show up in some form in the relationship. Someone with too much yang energy could come across as completely insensitive or too much Yin will appear as clingy and needy. Either of the two shows an imbalanced state of being.

When two people with balanced Ying and Yang energies get into a relationship, the relationship is ecstatic. If you are needy you will attract someone with similar energy and two needy people can never share a fulfilling relationship. It will always make you feel unloved and not cared for. Leaving you feeling empty and lonely even when you are in a relationship.

I complete Me

If you want Love from others, you need to love yourself first. Bring that feeling of being whole and complete within you so won’t have to go and search it outside. As you start to live life like that, it’s like saying ‘I Complete Me’ to the universe and it sends more Love towards you from all directions. For anyone to pour Love into your cup, you have to carry enough of that energy within you first. When your cup is full and overflowing with love for yourself, you become like a magnet. You will automatically attract someone who fills you up with more of that energy that you are already carrying within.

Some tips for Balancing Your energy to attract love in your life

  1. Use Crystals

Crystals can heal and balance energies. Rose Quartz carries wonderful loving energy and is known to attract Love too. You can wear a pendant or bracelet to continuously receive the healing energy. Keeping two Rose quartz hearts in the southeast east corner of your bedroom not only helps attract love into your life but also helps heal and improve your current relationship. Keeping rose quartz in the Southeast corner of your living room will enhance the energy of love between all family members in the house.

2. Creating space for another

If you are single and living alone, create space for inviting a partner by laying an extra plate on the dining table. By keeping extra pillows on the empty side of the bed, you are telling the universe that you are ready to share the space with someone. Place two red rose-scented candles or any symbols of love like mandarin ducks, hearts, or red roses in pairs in the southeast corner of your room to enhance and invite the energy of love and attract a partner in your life.

3. Balance and invoking Love with meditation

Find a quiet place..Light two red rose-scented candles. You can also use an aroma burner with rose essential oil to deepen the experience. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Meditate on the thought “I complete me”.

Imagine a pink light filling up the center of your chest (your Heart Chakra) and feel it expanding outwards. Visualize your heart filling up with the pink light overflowing and spreading all around you in all directions. This light is the light of love for self. Tell yourself – I am worthy of being loved and opening up to receiving from the entire Universe. Allow yourself to bathe in this loving energy. If you have someone in mind, invite that person into this space of love to share the loving energy with you. Be here in this sacred space as long as you like. When you feel complete, open your eyes and get on with your day knowing you have opened up for love and the Universe has received your message.

Namaste the Yoga pose to balance and attract love in your life

Joining hands in Namaste or prayer pose not only balances both left n right hemispheres of the brain, but it also balances your feminine and masculine energies. Doing this meditation daily for 5 minutes also will bring that balance. Once your Yin and Yang energies – the Shiv and Shakti within you are balanced, your whole aura will become magnetic.
You can also give Reiki to your Heart Chakra to attract Love into your life by learning it or asking a healer to channel it to you. As your heart chakra heals and opens up, you will see how love will flow into your life from all directions.


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Love always returns. Yes, It returns a thousand folds. Don’t think that I have given love to this person and I will get it back from the same source. Know that from whatever source, it will come back many folds to you.

If it does not return, then it is proof that you haven’t sent it out in the first place. Question yourself. Did I truly give out Love or was I just displaying it? Was I mimicking it as love or faking it? The Law of attraction says that what goes around comes back. Just like Love returns as Love, hatred will come back as hatred and so goes for everything else. This rule applies and reflects everywhere in life. If you observe, your own energy is traveling as vibration all around you. It is simple, That which is going through you is coming back to you.

Love attracts Love and it always returns in someway.

You are a powerful magnet. It is YOU who is attracting vibrations of whatever that you are putting out as energy in the universe. What you give out returns back to you a thousand times. Even though the means may not be the same but still it is exactly what you sent out. The shape and form might have changed. The source will have changed. If you have truly loved someone then if not from the same, it will come back to you through some other person.

We humans expect everything to come back from the same source. This always will keep you in the energy of lack. When you want to have an abundance of anything in life, be it love or attention, or anything else for that matter, just be open to experiencing it and receiving it. Once sent out, the vibration and the momentum are created and that is it. Relaxing with the assurance that it will come back in some way or another is all that you need to do. Getting fixated on the source is not such a great idea. The Universe has its own way of bringing back whatever that you are putting out because it knows exactly what you are asking.

Remember that your experience of life is being created by you so do not try to play the victim and play the blame game. If you Look at what is coming to you in your life, you will notice that it is exactly what you are sending out to the universe because ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’.

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