Every so often we search for things that are right in front of our eyes but due to lack of attention or awareness, we cannot see them. Phones, spectacles, and even keys happen to us all the time. Don’t you think, just like these things, happiness is also something that we keep looking for everywhere? Sometimes we look for it in people, sometimes in places n things but actually, it is always present within us. The fact is that we always have access to that part of us. It is just that our focus is mostly on what is absent or missing in life rather than focusing on what is present in the moment. It’s always about searching for perfection and thinking about how things should be. That is what makes our search for happiness never-ending.

Living in the present.

No matter what is going on in life, in every moment we have a choice to be happy. We can make a conscious choice of accepting whatever is playing on the outside and still choosing to be happy inside. Happiness is always in the here and now. We lose so much in life. Brooding over the past and worrying about the future, we forget what IS in the present. We are so busy focusing on our goals, dreams, and future plans, that often we miss out on the little things that can bring joy in the present moment. Happiness is a part within us that we can tap into at any given time. So how exactly can we bring the happiness quotient in our life?

To me what is really in my hand is only the Present and that is where I know my happiness lies. We cannot change the past because it is long gone. And the future is more like an illusion we create in our minds. We don’t need to have it all figured out in life at this very moment and it is ok to not know what lies ahead of us in the future. By letting the gift of life unwrap as it comes, we can enjoy its unfolding moment by moment. Living in the present brings so joy and happiness. It also keeps us in the flow state where manifesting what we desire is easier and quicker.

Happiness is a feeling within

No matter where you are, with whomsoever, and what are your possessions, remember that happiness is a feeling that is taking place on the inside and not from the outside. Most of the time we think it is the people, places, and things that are making us happy. It is just that we are used to associating this internal feeling with something outside of us. But the truth is that happiness is an internal state of being. You may have it all but still, be miserable. It is about making a conscious choice and tapping that energy that is already there within.

Life is not always perfect and the way we want it to be but I choose to be happy in the Here and Now at this very moment. What about you? Have you made your choice yet?

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When you desire something or someone or even a situation or a place where you would rather be, the question is what exactly is it that you desire?
Is it really about the person, place or thing? Or is it actually more about the feeling of being happy and joyful is what you are seeking? Both of these could be completely different when it comes to desires equals to happiness. Sometimes you may think that the only condition to be happy is to acquire something or be with someone in particular or be in a certain place. Whereas it may not be so much about any of these.

It is more like you are just putting a condition presuming that this is the only way to be happy. By doing so, you create an emptiness within you that can be filled up by none other and it brings in a lot of grief rather than joy at times. How about having a more simple approach to happiness? It could be just to desire to be simply happy and joyful without specific conditions. This way you are in allowance of creating a possibility of happiness coming from all possible directions in so many different ways.

Happiness can be anything that catches your attention and lightens you up. An unexpected kind word, a sweet gesture or compliment coming from a complete stranger. Sometimes these little things could suddenly touch your heart and put a smile on your face. All of this, whether you are on the receiving end or you do it for others, can bring you happiness. Talking about places making you happy, even being in the same place can be magical when you are in appreciation and awareness of whatever is around you in the moment. Happiness is more of and Internal thing we attach it to the external.
Having a desire to be happy and joyful is healthy. It is a reminder that you are alive. But how and what makes you happy should UNCONDITIONAL…Bring out that child-like playful innocent side of you that allows whatever…whoever to bring a smile, a feeling of fulfilment and happiness to you wherever you are..
Desire for happiness? It can END right here in this very moment, if you don”t get fixated on conditions.

Being happy is simple