Thoughts are the language of the brain & mind and feelings are the language of your body..The way you think and the way you feel creates your state of being..Every morning before you open your eyes, give yourself five minutes.Just step into this garden of your mind…As you walk slowly, look around..what do you see?..Look at what you have been planting..What is growing?..The seeds that are being planted day after day are sprouting & eventually going to turn into well rooted plants…

What do you see in your garden? Are there enough red roses making you feel secure, loved and cared for.. Beautiful orange flowers filling you up with creativity and enthusiasm..Lovely yellow sun flowers lettin in the light of confidence and self worth? Do you see a big beautiful patch of pink flowers filling your whole being with love and compassion.. hues of deep sky blue creating that expansive state of being ? Beautiful white flowers showing ease and peace? Is your garden blooming?

Just like you a nice flower arrangement in a beautiful vase adds colour and fragrance to your living space, your thoughts are like a bouquet in your mind space. Your mind is your garden so plant it with wonderful thoughts..
Thoughts of alignment, thoughts of balance, thoughts of gratitude… Negative thoughts will come up but they are just weeds which can be quickly pulled out from time to time and be replaced with seeds of creativity, love and compassion..Keep the garden of your mind fragrant and beautiful always.

What you sow, so shall you reap’..