HAPPINESS is what we all are seeking and it is a never-ending search. Often our focus is on pleasing others rather than on ourselves. At the same time, many of us could be too focussed on our own needs overlooking the needs of others. Giving happiness is a wonderful thing to do. Giving too much or expecting too much in return, both states are imbalanced.

The Heart Chakra

We all want everyone around us to be happy and we are constantly working towards giving them happiness. We go all out and in fact, often go out of the way for the people we care about. The Heart Chakra is the chakra for this kind of exchange of energy of giving and receiving. It is an important chakra because it is in the center of the upper three and lower three chakras. It is you may say, the center of your being. An imbalance in this chakra could be the cause of doing too much for others and not knowing when to draw the line.

Crossing the line in giving happiness

Whenever you cross the fine line and go out of your comfort zone to make others happy, there is always going to be a part of you that is eventually going to be unhappy. There are two reasons for this. One, you are going beyond your comfort so it is not going to be ok for long and it will eventually leave you exhausted. Trying too hard can be overwhelming and feel heavy after some time. The second issue with over-delivering is, that when you do too much for others, you start to expect the same back in return.

Expectations bring grief

When you go out of your way to please others, you start expecting the same from them in return. You are bound to be disappointed in the end because we all are made differently. The other person may or may not have the capacity or willingness to go out of the way for you. Then starts the parade of your reactions towards the person because somewhere you are feeling empty or unloved. This whole process will strain the relationship and make people on both ends unhappy.

Balance is key even when it is about giving happiness

Striking a balance between giving happiness to others and caring for yourself is key in life. Happiness is an environment we create around us and it first starts from within. We all must learn to know how much to do and then draw the line for the sake of respecting ourselves. A person who is too giving is often taken for granted and exploited in a subtle way that they may not even come to know.

Only If you are happy, can you spread it all around to those who you truly love. When you do something for someone, make sure it is within your comfort zone and do it without expectations attached. That way you will be a happy giver and whatever comes in return, take it as a bonus and be a good receiver.


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Chakras are energy centres located at different points on the etheric body. They are wheel like vortices about 6 inches in diameter, funnelling into the spine. Apart from the root and crown chakras, each chakra is a pair front and back. The front part regulates feelings, while the back parts are the will centres. They regulate the amount of energy required by us. There are about 114 major and minor chakras out of which 108 are located in the body. They are closely linked to the endocrine system of the body. The endocrine system controls the hormonic balance in the body and has a powerful effect on a person’s moods and emotions. Any imbalance in the endocrine system, leads to mental and physical illness.

When a person has a negative emotion or has gone through pain or trauma, he/she blocks off the relevant chakra in order to avoid the pain, as a natural defence mechanism. The chakra then begins gets clogged with stagnated energy and can get distorted or torn. When a person is in perfect mental and physical health, it means the chakras are functioning normally. 

Reiki treatments concentrate on the 7 main chakras which are located along the spine. The chakras absorb the Universal Life Force Energy, also known as Prana or Chi, break it up into component parts and send it along energy rivers called Nadis/channels to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then to the blood to nourish the body. All Chakras are connected to different parts of the body.

When there is a balance on the energy centres called Chakras, illness manifests in the physical body so as to bring attention to the distortion in that particular energy centre. Be it emotional , mental or physical health a lot of issues can be resolved by bringing balance into the energy body. Of course medical help and advice needs to be taken as and when required but it is worth taking into consideration if the root cause of a problem is coming from an imbalance relevant to a particular chakra and along with medical treatment, alternate therapy is also introduced to bring the energy centres into alignment.

Is your illness really coming from a physical cause?

Neellima Thukral

My Journey with Reiki

My Journey with Reiki has been that of wonder and grace. After having going through intense meditation practices and working on self for more than a year, there came a time when I was getting a feeling of stagnancy in my progress. Having experienced all things like Lucid dreams, spinal sweep of the kundalini energy, taste of past life , there still was something within which did not quite feel in sync with the outside. Reflecting within, I wasn’t quite still impressed with my  actions and reactions towards people and situations. Inspite of all the knowing, I was kind of stuck to certain mental and emotional patterns that I knew were not serving my highest good but was just not able to let go of them. Living in a state of unawareness earlier seemed so much easier but knowing and still not changing was becoming frustrating. It was like walking the same road yet falling into the same ditches again and again..

Once all the digging within into my core being was done, it was now time to clear all that had come to surface and thats when I was drawn towards the healing Energy of Reiki. Regular practice of Reiki on self slowly started to bring all the changes on all energy levels and all energy bodies.As all my Chakras started to come into balance I started to discover a new empowered version of myself which I can say was the best Version of me I had ever known. As I started to heal within I felt more aligned with all that was outside..All life situations and all relationships started to change for the better.

I felt more centred most of the time and there was a calm n peace within.. a state of happiness started to radiate inside out..There was a definite shift. Where ever I was feeling stuck in life earlier, I could see a sudden movement of energy. My physical energy was better than ever before and I was emotionally and mentally so much at ease, for I had dropped all judgement and started practising unconditional love. It certainly was a turn around for me as I started helping family and friends by channelling healings for them both one on one as well as distant.Clients started to get relief on all levels and gave wonderful feedback on results. The more I was giving healings, every healed case instilled more faith, internal power and strength within me.

Today I can say Reiki is certainly the best gift that I have received from the divine and with its healing power I discovered my true Divine qualities that reflect the beauty of my soul.Always happy..joyful..peaceful..blissful..In complete sync with everything and everyone around me. I see Perfection in every moment of the Here and Now ..All thanks to Reiki, I live my dream today to be of service to one and all…

I am healed and I aspire to Heal !!

Neelima Thukral

Feeling insecure..depressed..cannot give up addictions..low on confidence..unable give or receive love..scared to speak your truth..does any of this relate to you??

Well this is where it maybe coming from..

Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to a wheel.The invisible vital life force energy also called Prana, that moves inside of you is spinning and rotating starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs which define your psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind, and spirit and a sense of well being reflects on all levels.However, if one of the chakras is too open and spinning too quickly, or if it is too closed and moving slowly, the imbalance reflects as physical illness or an unstable mental/ emotional state of being. Since mind, body, soul, and spirit are intimately connected, awareness of an imbalance in one area helps bring the others back into balance.Each chakra perspective is dominated by certain issues..Physical illness could be rooting out of an imbalanced chakra. Bringing that particular chakra into balance will automatically heal the disease and the same applies to toxic unhealthy mental and emotional patterns..

Balance brings refinement to life and all senses are heightened allowing you to enjoy the most subtle experiences to the fullest.

Neelima Thukral