Do you feel it ??

As the sun shines every morning, let it remind you of his grace..The moment you open your eyes, there is light.. Isn’t that true to all of life? The moment you open your eyes ,you DO see The Light..

The moon and stars as they shine sometimes in the clear sky and sometimes hidden by the clouds remind us that no matter how dark the night may seem, if you look at his Grace, there is never ever complete darkness…

Earth’s infinite supply of everything tells us we have an infinite potential of creating whatever we desire around us and there is never a shortage or lack of anything ever .. our capacity to love, grow, give and receive is infinite ….

The rivers and lakes, as they flow downwards from hills and mountains and merge into the sea, are a reminder, how just being humble can lead us to a place that is so much deeper and expansive than our own existence and that is where we belong..If you keep flowing, you will be naturally  lead  and guided to where you belong ..

Change of seasons make us aware that every moment something is changing around us and we need to keep changing Within too..For change is inevitable and situations good or bad are in the constant Rhythm of change so there is always hope..

Birds fly high and show you, no matter how small you are, you have the freedom to rise above wherever you are in your life right now and you have the capacity and strength to explore the unknown..

Animals never live with an energy of worry or lack of food and shelter.The smallest of insect to the most gigantic animal lives in trust and faith that there is a higher intelligence taking care of them. With a little bit of effort, you will find whatever you seek and you will be provided no matter what..

Clouds show us how much fun it can be to be playful.. The game of life that is Hide n seek..we first hide all that we want in the Vortex and by seeking it in this lifetime, we feel happy with our achievements and come out as winners..

The air that flows everywhere says I am willing to serve one and all..Never discriminating how much and where to flow because it is never worried about running out of resources..

Through Nature God is showing you the most Beautiful reflection of his creation that is  YOU.Expansive and Abundant…

The next time you feel lost, less worthy or lack in life, just take a look around and connect with nature and see a mirrored image of yourself in everything around you..You can feel his Grace…

You want to experience a connection with the Creator?

Make a connection with his Creation….

Neelima Thukral


Do you really have to reach anywhere?

There is no final destination..

Slow down.. Experience..It Is not about where you are heading.

Its about HOW not where..

Its about how you are flowing..How you are feeling as you flow.. Pause !! Ask yourself what are you experiencing at this moment?  Live it to the fullest  with a knowing that each passing moment is becoming  your past as a new one replaces it. Be it good or bad, happy or sad..Everything is in constant flow…And that is the beauty of life..You can only experience life to its full potential if you are fluid like water…Ever flowing…..Being in the moment as you flow..

Be in the awareness that you can never ever recreate the exact same moment again.. For every single moment is an experience of a life time…….

Neelima Thukral

My Journey with Reiki

My Journey with Reiki has been that of wonder and grace. After having going through intense meditation practices and working on self for more than a year, there came a time when I was getting a feeling of stagnancy in my progress. Having experienced all things like Lucid dreams, spinal sweep of the kundalini energy, taste of past life , there still was something within which did not quite feel in sync with the outside. Reflecting within, I wasn’t quite still impressed with my  actions and reactions towards people and situations. Inspite of all the knowing, I was kind of stuck to certain mental and emotional patterns that I knew were not serving my highest good but was just not able to let go of them. Living in a state of unawareness earlier seemed so much easier but knowing and still not changing was becoming frustrating. It was like walking the same road yet falling into the same ditches again and again..

Once all the digging within into my core being was done, it was now time to clear all that had come to surface and thats when I was drawn towards the healing Energy of Reiki. Regular practice of Reiki on self slowly started to bring all the changes on all energy levels and all energy bodies.As all my Chakras started to come into balance I started to discover a new empowered version of myself which I can say was the best Version of me I had ever known. As I started to heal within I felt more aligned with all that was outside..All life situations and all relationships started to change for the better.

I felt more centred most of the time and there was a calm n peace within.. a state of happiness started to radiate inside out..There was a definite shift. Where ever I was feeling stuck in life earlier, I could see a sudden movement of energy. My physical energy was better than ever before and I was emotionally and mentally so much at ease, for I had dropped all judgement and started practising unconditional love. It certainly was a turn around for me as I started helping family and friends by channelling healings for them both one on one as well as distant.Clients started to get relief on all levels and gave wonderful feedback on results. The more I was giving healings, every healed case instilled more faith, internal power and strength within me.

Today I can say Reiki is certainly the best gift that I have received from the divine and with its healing power I discovered my true Divine qualities that reflect the beauty of my soul.Always happy..joyful..peaceful..blissful..In complete sync with everything and everyone around me. I see Perfection in every moment of the Here and Now ..All thanks to Reiki, I live my dream today to be of service to one and all…

I am healed and I aspire to Heal !!

Neelima Thukral

Does Spirituality have to be this serious?

Whether on the path of ascension or completely oblivious of even the term ‘ascension’, we have all experienced synchronicity in our lives. Little ones like thinking of someone and receiving a call from that person the next minute, or some in much bigger and grander scales. The universe shows us it’s humor with these events. Then why is it so that we get so caught up in the duality of life, in the seriousness of everything that we forget to be playful, spontaneous or even silly?
Next time when u find yourself in the middle of an unexpected situation which caused you to miss your meditation or your spiritual practice, realize that spirituality doesn’t have to be this serious and the universe wants to play with you and wants to remind you of your inner child. Because getting into that flow will be the easiest way to be fully present. Your universal presence…

Get Into the flow

As you align with your higher self, there is a deeper sense of understanding that you are driven by source energy that is far more intelligent than your physical self. You surrender with faith and let the divine take over what is and how it is meant to be rather than what and how you want it to be.

You ask what you want, but you let go of how and when.. trusting that everything is revealed in the right time, space and manner with a knowing that everything you desire you have already created in your vortex. There are certain experiences you need to go through to manifest all that you desire in your physical reality without which your experience of this life would not be half as fulfilling.

Once you are tuned into your source energy, you feel divinely guided and you will always find yourself in the right place at the right time and that’s what they call synchronicity..You sense a knowing when to take action and when to just sit back and relax and let things be done..

Drop Resistance..

Be Done.. Just Allow..

How to feel Grounded

You are the Earth…The creator of the abundance of unconditional love…You have the ability to create from nothing, something vast…Ever forgiving grounding all that is not of the light and creating something new and beautiful from your resources…Deeply rooted yet expansive, spreading fragrance all around with your beauty…

You are the many beautiful colorful sides of you… You are the Sun.. full of warmth, light, radiance & the ability to heal everything and anything that comes in your light…

The mysterious Moon that’s what you are.. shining, soothing, calming ..mystic in your own way…You are theAir.. continuously moving.. bringing a smile as you touch and keep moving forward…

You are Water flowing with ease.. taking space n shape of anything and everything you are contained into yet you never cease to lose your capability to go with the flow …

You are all elements of Nature in its full grace and beauty…

For you are the Light💫🌟 …Neelima Thukral